We have been working with Illumina Business Consulting for two years on leadership and strategy. Illumina facilitates our annual strategy planning session in Hong Kong at the start of each year. We then get Illumina to run the mid-year review session in Singapore.

The feedback by the forty participants representing all of our business units by region & various cultures was extremely positive – by them being involved in the 360 degree personal reviews each person came away with enhanced self and team awareness. They then followed up with 1:1 consulting and every manager now has a personal development plan.

Most importantly, we reached consensus on the five year and one year business plans for Asia Pacific. We then established the five year and one year plans for each of the four regions. We now have a rolling five year planning cycle and a common planning template for each of the four regions. The workshop facilitation has been outstanding. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Illumina Business Consulting team in the years ahead.

CEO & Chairman (Asia Pacific)Commercial Real Estate Syndicate

When we engaged Illumina Business Consulting we were in debt and were struggling to pay some of our the bills and it was really affecting my personal life. Fast forward two years and the picture cannot be more different. Our sales have doubled, cash flow is a good news story not a nightmare and I actually enjoy my life. Needless to say Illumina has exceeded all my expectations. They are now an integral part of our business. I cannot thank them enough for teaching me how to run a business properly. I will be able to use what I have learned for the rest of my life.

CEO Storage Provider

We are a medium sized metal fabrication business supporting mining, water and general industry, locally and throughout Australia. Too often you are buried in your business and are unable to dig your way clear to “work on it”. Over the past 6 - 8 months I have worked closely with Illumina Business Consulting to tune various elements of the business. Together we have developed a new business structure providing a platform for:
* Growth
* Workload stability, that is ``get off the roller coaster``
* Succession planning
* Developed processes to support the new structure
* We now have clear position descriptions with well defined responsibilities and deliverables.

Managing Director Metal Fabrication Business

We have worked with Illumina Business Consulting and their consulting team on more than three (3) major projects. On each project, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. Not only did they supply expertise in our software but they also had expertise and an in-depth and broad knowledge of Technology, Industry and Methodologies covering multiple fields. They added immense benefit to our ability in delivering on $10 million worth of projects on time and within budget.

Illumina’s consulting teams all had exceptional communication and leadership skills and their flexibility, dedication, hard work and creative solutions assisted us in meeting our aggressive implementation schedules. Their ability to adapt to our approach and diverse team of individuals and personalities all contributed to the success of our projects.

General Manager Office Supplies Chain

Illumina Business Consulting was instrumental in helping us design a sales process that aligned to our specific corporate objectives. Their process included a review of compensation, organisational structure, customer communications, marketing messaging and training materials. They reinforced the notion that sales is a process that has to be followed and managed to create consistent results. With their expert help, we are putting in place a complete, replicable and measurable sales system that positions our corporation for growth.

Sales & Marketing Director Financial Planning Corporation

We needed help to respond to tender requests but had no experience. I was very sceptical about using a management consultant because there are a lot of snake oil salesman out there and I wasn’t sure we would receive value for money. But when we sat down to talk with Illumina Business Consulting it became evident that they had the experience we needed. This was our first attempt to gain a contract and Illumina's guidance has given us the confidence to look at other contracts objectively and provided the tools to respond to them methodically. I thoroughly recommend Illumina to anyone who needs help with responding to tenders.

Project Director Master Builders