About Us

A good leader is one who can tell another how to reach his or her potential; a great leader is one who can help another discover this potential for him or herself. ~ Bo Bennett

Growth Strategies & Problem Solving

Illumina Business Consulting was created to help improve the performance and profitability of companies of all sizes, including government and non-profit organisations. We are sharply focused on idea intensive strategic problem solving.

We specialise in diagnosing complex situations giving insightful, fact-based, practical solutions. Our strategy specialisation covers overall direction setting, development of growth strategies, insightful M&A/industry restructuring moves and business performance turnaround plans.

Wealth Of Experience

Illumina has developed a ‘bank’ of specialists that all businesses, from SMEs to larger corporations, can call on for advice and guidance. The same advisers can also work ‘hands on’ with management teams to implement solutions. Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, from smaller companies to multinationals, but all have board-level experience and are existing or previous company owners.We provide an agreed amount of hands-on consultancy at a client’s offices or off site, depending on the requirement. This can include representing directors at meetings with banks or clients, assistance with sales & marketing, improving profitability, reducing costs or any guidance to help a company further its aims and interests.

Long Term Client Relationships Based on Trust, Confidentiality and Integrity

Client relationships are of critical importance and we strive to develop long term partnerships with our clients that are based on trust, commitment and integrity. Thus, you will find, as we work side-by-side with you to achieve your goals that it is our people and what they bring to the table that truly differentiates us.

At Illumina we are ethically bound to our clients by an “Oath of Confidentiality”. This oath, similar to the oaths that are taken by other professionals, such as lawyers and doctors, prohibits the sharing of any client information whatsoever with anyone else, be they/it family, potential client, lawyer, colleague, ATO or otherwise.

We are a subsidiary of Pennywise Enterprises Pty Ltd which was formed in March 1997. The founders have each worked independently with growing businesses and realised that what companies of all sizes needed was a package of affordable solutions to their unique problems often arising as a result of a company’s size or particular phase of growth.

Tailored Made Solutions For Our Clients

Our professionally qualified team of consultants will provide the business and management advice that can put your organisation on the right track for growth and success.

Using proven methods and techniques and drawing upon the individual expertise and resources of our team we can tailor make a programme that’s geared to your specific requirements. We work closely with your management team towards a solution that answers your business issues and fulfills your objectives.