Helping Organisations Grow To Their Full Potential

We, a group of successful entrepreneurs, established Illumina Business Consulting through our deep concern that 90% of businesses were failing due to poor management, lack of planning and under capitalisation.

With our experience and proven systematic results we wanted to help all company owners turn their dream of long term business success into a reality. Over the 25 years we have been consulting various industries, government and non-profit organisations we have found these to be your main concerns:

  • Tight Cash Flow
  • Funding Restrictions
  • Profitability Constraints
  • No Business Plan
  • Legislation Setbacks
  • Loneliness
  • Time Poor Concerns
  • No Clear Personal Exit Strategy
  • Lack of Original Vision For Your Business
  • Out-Of-Date Information

Sales & Marketing

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Reignite your sales growth and get insights into your customers dynamics.

Operations & Processes

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Apply lean principles to improve your production capacity, velocity & automation


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Improve your cash flow, source funding and ensure your accounts are effectively managed.

Human Resources

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Train, hire and develop staff to ensure they meet your organisation’s needs.

Strategy & Planning

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Intensive strategic problem solving to align your organisation towards its critical path.

Information Technology

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Identify new trends to anticipate your organisation’s technological requirements.

Organisations We Have Assisted